Sunday, February 14, 2010

Teachers drink

One thing I have learned as fact, is that teachers drink, maybe more than other professions. Why? I have some guesses, and I'm sure it's different for each teacher, but one overriding factor must be the stress and weight of the job.

Many teachers, like their students, get stuck. They become so immersed in their job that they are unable to have a functional life outside of school. They are not like the drunk stereotype of teachers we think of. Those who have given up, hate the job, and have resorted to keeping a bottle in the desk. I'm talking about those who are so dedicated to helping out others, that they forget about their own lives. When they come home, they drink. They are like addicts, they can't stop teaching, and it causes them to become melancholy.

I added a picture to this blog. A reminder to myself. I love this job, and I love having my own life too. A quick reminder of the importance of balance.


  1. But is that a hospital vomit tray in the foreground?

  2. Ha! No, it's morning coffee after a cold night in a tent.