Wednesday, April 6, 2011


What an eventful week. First, the students staged a sit-in to protest my non-renewal, taking suspensions that were later reversed after media coverage. Then they walked out and protested on the street.

Last night, students, parents, a State Representative, and union leaders poured their heart out. The Board of Education declined the recommendation for non-renewal (voted to keep me). I now have to fight to make sure the wishes of all parties are followed. More details to come as I come down from my high.


  1. This is great thought. It is wonderful that the students are also fighting back. It takes everyone to work together in unity.

  2. T, I hope you remember forever what it means to have touched your students so deeply. As far as I'm concerned, now you are a real teacher, one who keeps learning, just as he wants his students to. Congratulations on receiving such a stunning endorsement from the people who matter the most.